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Notice of date appointed for the exercise of electors’ rights under the Public Audit (Wales) Act 2004



2022 Papers

Date Document
03-Jan-2022 Agenda 10th Jan 2022 and Minutes Dec 6th 2021
13-Jan-2022 Decision Notice January 2022
31-Jan-2022 Agenda February 7th and Minutes January 10th 2022
10-Feb-2022 Decision Notice February 2022
10-Mar-2022 Decision Notice March 2022
28-Mar-2022 Minutes of 7th March and Agenda 4th April 2022
13-Apr-2022 Decision Notice April 2022
19-Apr-2022 Audit Completion Notice 2022
02-May-2022 Minutes 4th April and Agenda 9th May 2022
02-May-2022 Minutes of meeting with BBNPA 13th April 2022
02-May-2022 Special Meeting Minutes 10th May 2021 Agenda 9th May 2022
19-May-2022 Decision Notice May 2022
30-May-2022 Minutes 9th May and Agenda 6th June 2022
12-Jun-2022 Decision Notice June 2022

2021 Papers

Date Document
04-Nov-2021 Decision Notice November 2021
29-Nov-2021 Agenda December 6th and Minutes November 1st 2021
09-Dec-2021 Decision Notice December 2021

2020 Papers

Date Document
06-Jan-2020 Agenda for 3 February and Minutes of 6 January
03-Feb-2020 Agenda for 2 March and Minutes of 3 February
02-Mar-2020 March Minutes 2020
04-Apr-2020 Agenda for 1 June and Minutes of 4 April
01-Jun-2020 Agenda for 6 July and Minutes of 1 June
07-Sep-2020 Agenda for 5 October and Minutes of 7 September
13-Sep-2020 Balance Sheet 19/20
02-Nov-2020 Agenda for 2 November and Minutes of 5 October
07-Dec-2020 Agenda for 7 December and Minutes of 2 November

2019 papers

Date Document
03-Dec-2018 Agenda for 7 January and Minutes of 3 December
07-Jan-2019 Agenda for 4 February and Minutes of 7 January
04-Feb-2019 Agenda for 4 March and Minutes of 4 February
04-Mar-2019 Agenda for 1 April and Minutes of 4 March
01-Apr-2019 Agenda for 13 May and Minutes of 1 April
13-May-2019 Agenda for AGM on 13 May 2019 and Minutes of AGM on 12 May 2018
13-May-2019 Agenda for 3 June and Minutes of 13 May
03-Jun-2019 Agenda for 1 July and Minutes of 3 June
01-Jul-2019 Agenda for September council meeting and minutes of 1 July Council meeting
30-Jul-2019 Minutes of Planning meeting 30 July
02-Sep-2019 Agenda for 7 October and Minutes of 2 September
13-Sep-2019 Balance Sheet 18/19
07-Oct-2019 Agenda for 4 November and Minutes of 7 October
04-Nov-2019 Agenda for 2 December and Minutes of 4 November
02-Dec-2019 Minutes of 2 December 2019 and Agenda of 6 January 2020
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